A successful project is one which maintains the utmost level of attention to detail, responsiveness and execution.

Bingham Rawlings reputation and success in delivering high quality services is based around a straightforward, robust and effective process, implemented on every scheme regardless of size and complexity.

CAD blueprints

Conceptual Design

In many instances this first step begins before we are appointed to a project and starts with thorough communication with the client and other members of the design team to ensure we fully understand the goals of all involved.

Exhaustive research is undertaken, and all relevant and available information is collected to allow us to assess all possible options. Through the use of preliminary services, stress testing & modelling we are able to achieve and exceed the client’s project objectives through innovation and collaboration.

Using CAD software

Developed Design

Using our expert knowledge and extensive experience to outline potential solutions to overcome various scenarios, the most effective or most practical scheme is delivered into a detail design. This is the stage where our technical expertise and innovation is developed further to design each and every element of the solution.

Utilising calculation, modelling and analysis, the initial conceptual designs are established into a developed design.

Viewing CAD drawings on monitor


To deliver consistent and high-quality design services, an established documentation system is essential. Calculation packs, drawings, expert reports, guidance documents, instructions for construction, visualisations and virtual reality models are all part of this process.

This building of digital assets and document compilation chronicles the design process and also provides practical illustrations on that process. All documentation is subjected to rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure the design meets in full the project’s requirements and the client’s expectations and goals.

BRP at construction site


A key part of our design process is to co-ordinate with and support our clients through the implementation of their projects. This allows us to closely collaborate and support the entire team, be a part of the successful delivery of the project and to initiate a ‘lessons learnt’ process.

As Designers, being engaged in a project from conception through to completion allows a better understanding for future design and nurtures a passionate feeling of ownership for each design implemented.

Team of BRP staff

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