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CDM / Health and Safety

Safety is our top priority at Bingham Rawlings, with our dedicated team of fully qualified and accredited professionals ready to deliver the following services:

  • Fulfilling the Principal Designer role in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.
  • Conducting thorough reviews of Contractor Health and Safety documentation.
  • Help and advise the client in compiling the pre-construction information.
  • Notifying the Health & Safety Executive if the construction project is notifiable (F10 notification).
  • Liasing with the Principal Contractor through the pre-construction and construction phase, assisting with the construction phase plan.
  • Performing on-site Health & Safety audits to verify adherence to the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Providing comprehensive risk management and assessment services.
  • Developing Health & Safety Guidance Policies for enhanced safety measures.
  • Providing Health & Safety file, to ensure that at the end of the project our Clients have all the information relating to the project which is likely to be required during any subsequent projects to ensure the health and safety of any person planned and performed safely without risks to health.
Steel building structure in North Wales


Part of our services, our professional chartered engineering practice can offer the following:

  • Specialist design of various structural elements, including beams, foundations, walls, and balconies, tailored for both new residential constructions and extensions or alterations.
  • Expertise in designing steel space frames and portal frames. From compact garage-sized structures to expansive multi-span factory buildings or multi-storey complexes, we bring innovation to every dimension.
  • With a combination of experience, expertise and the latest industry leading software analysis packages our designs ensure practicability and cost effectiveness is at the forefront.
  • Mastering the art of stability, we excel in designing retaining walls in various materials such as reinforced concrete, masonry, reinforced earth, and gabion baskets. Additionally, we specialize in stabilising walls through the strategic use of anchors.
  • Navigate the intricacies of bridge engineering with our comprehensive services. Whether it's the inspection, design, or assessment of smaller single-span highway or railway bridges, we ensure structural integrity and safety.
  • Rely on our proficiency in temporary works design across all categories. From creating temporary supports to facilitating facade retention, and from designing temporary access bridges to scaffold access and crash decks, or crane mats we provide tailored solutions for every phase of your project.
  • Finite element analysis of various tapes of structures including reinforced concrete rafts, Foundations and walls to steel, masonry or reinforced concrete structures.

Hydro structure


In our commitment to minimizing the impact of flooding for future generations, we offer a range of services, including:

  • Obtaining approval for SuDS systems from the SuDS Approval Body (SAB) or Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA) through meticulous design.
  • Utilising industry leading modelling software such as Causeway Flow for 3D computer-generated hydraulic modelling of drainage systems.
  • Assess the impact of flooding and preparing Flood Consequence assessments using QGIS, TUFLOW, and HecRAS for comprehensive flood risk analysis.
  • Develop foul drainage designs and secure sectional agreements with sewerage undertakers, including Section 104, Section 106, and Section 185 sewer diversions.
  • Formulate drainage strategies and statements tailored for various development projects.
  • Perform river and coastal erosion as well as scour assessments to address potential risks.
  • Secure necessary consents such as Ordinary Watercourse Consent (OWC) under Section 23 or Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP) from NRW or EA, and Marine Licences for coastal works for the diversion or works on existing watercourses.
  • Conduct Drainage Design Audits to provide an expert opinion on designs prepared by others, ensuring quality and compliance.
Wrexham road network


Delivering on our commitment to exceptional infrastructure services, we offer the following as an integral part of our dedicated service:

  • Customised highway geometrical design, addressing both horizontal and vertical alignments, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the DMRB, encompassing legal applications like Highway Adoptions under Section 38 or highway improvements under Section 278.
  • Thorough transportation assessments, encompassing Traffic Impact Assessments and Road Safety Audits, ensuring comprehensive evaluations for optimal project outcomes.
  • Expertise in highway asset and tunnel condition assessments, offering detailed reporting, remediation option appraisals, and innovative remediation design solutions.
  • Specialised in maritime structure design and assessment, covering a spectrum of elements such as jetties, slipways, moorings, sea defences, piers, pontoons, dolphins, erosion protection, and port structures.
  • Proficient in earthworks and diverse geotechnical engineering applications, including excavations, grading or slope analysis, ground or rock anchoring, and comprehensive slope stability assessments.

Procurement on laptop


As part of a full-service Bingham Rawlings provide:

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Guidance on Procurement Routes
  • Compilation of pre-qualification services, including questionnaires and buyer briefings
  • Tender and Contract Documents
  • Full NEC4 Accredited Project Manager Services and Supervisor Services
  • Project Estimation, Project Planning and Programming
Structural engineering calculations on printout

Domestic Calcs

Bingham Rawlings has extensive experience in delivering a quick, practical, efficient and friendly professional structural design service for smaller, domestic projects. Whilst these schemes may be equally as complex, they normally include services such as:

  • Domestic Structural Calculations
  • Building Regulations Calculations and Reports
  • Structural Condition Surveys
  • Structural Planning Reports
  • Foundation Design or Underpinning Design
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Simple Beam calculations
Team of BRP staff

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